Thursday, 16 February 2012

tea swap

i love teas...
So when the lovely erin from my beautiful disaster asked who would take part in a tea swap. i immediately signed up, i was paired up with the great Amy from high noise ,low output.After Amy's letter went to Bermuda by mistake,it finally made its way to my went to bermuda from uk and then finally to italy.
She sent me a great selection of teas and also a really cool mixcd(in one of her posts about snail mails she said she was quite a good mix cd maker (and She is!) so i suggested we also swap one ),a lovely card and some beautiful earrings(that i forgot to include on the photo)..
thank you so much,Amy:).hope you get my letter soon...


  1. this is such an awesome idea!! how fun :)

  2. this is an amazing idea! I love it! I want to do it, too! :D

    love, polly