Tuesday, 17 January 2012

on the floor...

i always take photos of my feet if im in a special place or if something on the floor caught my attention...so i had the idea for a feature ,i will ask some of my friends and bloggers to take a photo of their feet with a pair of shoes that reminds them of something,someone etc and tell us about it OR A photo of their feet taken in one of their favourite places and explain why..
so there it is...

I asked my lovely friend (and blogger) Anne to be part of it and she accepted straight away(thank you so much Anne:).. We used to be penpals many many years ago and found each other back on facebook and i couldnt be happier.. Check her Etsy shop and her blog..
she is a really talented photographer (flickr) and jewellery maker..

thank you so much Anne ..
(If you would like to take part ,just email me:)