Wednesday, 4 January 2012

happy new year!

i know ..i know..not the most original post title these days..ahhh Happy new year to anyone that reads this,hope you will have a great year filled with love...

Few weeks ago it was my bday..on the 16th exactly.. One of my friends in the uk sent me these gifts:)(there were also a completely smashed kinder chocolate santa)

I love marmite! i miss it a lot.. i used to have cheese,cucumber and marmite sandwiches all the time. I missed england last december , i missed london and its crazy Christmas rush even though i had a good christmas here.
Few years ago,i spent some of them alone , i used to get a lot of dvds and food and just spend christmas and boxing days in my pyjamas.(i think i once watched the entire two first seasons and the live of the mighty boosh one day)
Another christmas,one of my 'recently moved in'-'im not so chatty' flatmates knocked at my door asking me if i could chat with her as her boyfriend just dumped her (yes on christmas day!how cruel) and needed to speak ,i remember ending up giving her a lot of movies to watch, sometimes it just take your mind off things even if its for a short time...
Also spent nice relaxing Christmases with a friend watching Doctor who, cooking ..
and since a few year with Ivan(my boyfriend)
Yes ,i know you are telling me christmas is so last year so well.. i will stop talking about it now..
i really enjoyed my birthday ,we went for diner and had a walk in was simple but just perfect:)


  1. What a cute post, Happy New year!

    Mary from ♥ ♥

    P.s I am now a new follower <333

  2. Yeah Marmite!!!! I got a jar at home to give you cause I won't eat marmite anytime soon ;)
    Happy new Year Sis!

  3. thanks:) happy new year to both of you:)