Sunday, 18 September 2011

my rainbow bike...

this is my bike...

My boyfriend's dad found it in the country, it was there for several he took it home..
It was completely covered with thick white wall paint(very badly painted like if someone throw a bucket of paint on it and thought:'well.. that will do").. Ivan(my boyfriend) and i took all of the paint off(it took a while!!)and then he repainted it for me.I really love it (i could not stop staring at it for days hahah)


  1. BEST bike!! It's good you go the paint off, it looks sa-weet C:


  2. Jeremiah refinished a Schwinn Varsity road bike for me a couple years ago. I wanted it in these colors but it had to be comparable to the color it was so it's electric blue! We took off the fenders and turned into a single speed though.